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Rositsa Ivanova

I am Rositsa Ivanova (Rose). Since 2020 I have been living in the Netherlands, where I settled permanently.

In Bulgaria, where I’m from, I have a long experience (more than 20 years) in hospitals and medical centers for rehabilitation, as well as in my own practice.

I graduated from the Medical College in Sofia with a specialization in Rehabilitation Therapy (very similar to the Physiotherapy degree in the Netherlands). I hold a diploma and certificate of professional qualification in a regulated medical profession from the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria, as well as a recognized diploma in physiotherapy from NUFFIC (the Netherlands).

I founded Vital Stream center with the desire to realize my vision and apply my long professional experience and knowledge to help people overcome their temporary and chronic ailments.

I offer massage as a complementary therapy to people treated by medical professionals, as well as to every healthy person who wants to take preventive care of their body, maintain in good shape, and boost their self-confidence.

Massage is the best way to combine the beneficial effect with a pleasant experience. In my work, I use massage techniques based on classical (Swedish) massage, as well as specialized massage techniques and elements of kinesitherapy. I get great joy from the satisfactory results achieved with my clients. I kindly invite you to our Vital Stream center!