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Detoxifying massage with honey

Detoxifying massage with honey

The healing power of bee honey has been known since ancient times. Today, its content is well known, fully explaining its highly pronounced medicinal properties. In addition to water and carbohydrates, it contains important trace elements and minerals, vitamins, some enzymes, as well as natural antibacterial substances.

When taking honey with food, a large part of the useful substances contained in it are destroyed by stomach acid. However, when applying it to the skin, they are completely absorbed. Honey massage is a 100% natural therapy. It is an original and specific treatment method.

As honey is applied to the skin of the back, it enters the bloodstream directly through the skin, and through specific massage techniques, the harmful toxins retained in the subcutaneous tissues of the body are extracted.

The sensation during honey therapy is slighty different than during regular massage, but still pleasant, as toxins are being sucked out of the tissues. PLEASE NOTE: Honey therapy is preformed only on areas of the body without hair.

The honey massage affects the body directly through the skin and restores the body's natural ability to cleanse itself of toxins. It has a strong toning effect on the entire organism, being particularly effective for lung and liver diseases, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, slow recovery after serious illnesses and pregnancy.