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Massage for children (4-14 year olds)

Massage for children (4-14 year olds)

Massage for children (4-14 year olds) The purpose of the massage is to relax and tone the child's body. It strengthens the body's protective functions by boosting their immunity, improving their focus, and calming the nervous system. The massage reduces backaches and headaches, caused by the prolonged sitting during study hours. It is very good prevention against obesity and curvature of the spine. It has a very good effect on children who have no appetite, children with reduced muscle tone, with delayed mental and physical development, as well as children who are often sick.

The massage for children is tailored to the state of the child's body and the condition of the muscles and joints according to their age. The massage is performed only in the presence of a parent or an adult member of the family.

If the child suffers from any chronic disease, a consultation with a doctor must be made prior to the massage.

Which positive effects does children's massage have?

  • strengthens the immune system (increases resistance)
  • promotes sleep
  • reduces tension or stress
  • promotes emotional development and body awareness
  • gives relaxation and rest
  • improves digestion
  • helps with (psychosomatic) complaints (headache, stomachache, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, eczema, bedwetting)
  • supports overstimulation (high sensitivity, ADHD, ADD, Autism, ODD)
  • promotes learning and concentration
  • helps to experience one’s own limits
  • helps with fear or insecurity
  • stimulates growth
  • promotes connection
  • reduces aggressive or defiant behavior
  • encourages more intensive play
Massage voor kinderen (4-14 jaar)