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Vital Stream massage The Hague is centrally located in the beautiful Belgian park area, directly behind the most popular part of Scheveningen beach in The Hague.

The scientifically proven health benefits of massage therapy.
Massage therapy is an ancient type of medicine that has been used to treat musculoskeletal problems and as a way to relax the body. Currently, massage therapy is used as a healing technique. This is because the human body is believed to be a self-regulating body that can heal itself and protect itself from disease as long as it is in a normal structural relationship. The thesis of this article is that massage therapy has proven to free the body from physical discomfort and also improve the mental capacity of a person without the use of pharmaceuticals.

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Massage therapy is an ancient form of treatment that dates back to the early days of civilization. Ancient Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Roman writings give credence to massage therapy as an ancient practice. For example, Hippocrates in Greece called medicine the art of rubbing (Garofano 57). During the Renaissance period, massage therapy became common in Europe. The advancement of massage therapy to the United States was made by two American doctors who studied in Sweden. In the United States, massage therapy became common and used for a variety of health purposes. In the 1930s, massage therapy lost prestige in America due to technological advancements in the health sector, but later regained popularity in the 1970s. Currently, massage therapy has become very popular in the United States. One study shows that there are more than 125,000 massage therapists in the United States and they are still growing rapidly (Kuhlthau et al, 23). The reason behind this is that a greater number of people in the United States are seeking alternative medicine (Shelly 45).

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There are different types of massage therapy that serve different purposes. There are about 100 types of massage therapy; each type is aimed at achieving a particular health goal. The most common types of massage therapy are: aromatherapy, craniofacial, lymphatic, reflexology, and compassionate touch, among other forms of therapy. Aromatherapy involves using essential oils that are massaged into the skin. This increases the healing and relaxing effects on one’s body. Craniosacral therapy involves applying gentle pressure to specific points of the head and spine to improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. On the other hand, reflexology massage therapy is a thumb and finger massage therapy applied to the hands and feet. This is therapy done to relax different parts of the body connected to the hands and feet.

For centuries, human touch has proven to be healing in both physical and emotional ways, as massage therapy affects both the physical and emotional elements of the human body. There are certain types of massages and massage techniques that stimulate certain desired effects on the body. This is done through the stimulation of body muscles and tissues. When a massage therapist massages a soft tissue, an electrical effect is transmitted throughout the body. The combination of the electrical signals and that of touch promotes the healing of injured tissues. Massage therapy also aids pain relief with massage stimulates the release of endorphins that aid in pain relief and act as a stress reliever.
During the first session of massage therapy, the therapist should inquire about the patient’s medical history and the type of pain they are experiencing. It is important that the therapist has in mind what the patient expects at the end of the therapy session. With this knowledge, the therapist should know what techniques of massage therapy to use to achieve the patient’s desired goal. A massage session varies from 15 to 90 minutes (Garofano 88).

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Massage The Hague

We offer massage to people who want to take care of their body preventively, to stay in good shape and to increase their self-confidence, but also massage as an additional therapy for people who are under medical treatment.


There are a number of benefits one can derive from massage therapy. To get the desired benefits of massage therapy, one needs a qualified massage therapist who knows and understands their work. Massage therapy benefits everyone, both young and old. Massage therapy can be used in the treatment of acute and chronic stages of some conditions.
Stress relief is one of the main benefits of massage therapy. Stress relief is an important factor to consider when pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Through massage therapy, heart rate and cortisol levels are lowered, which in turn helps minimize stress levels. Stress relief alone is known to improve mood and boost a patient’s energy level. Massage therapy can be helpful in the recovery process after rehabilitation. During this time, a patient tends to regain lost natural movements and at the same time tries to regain range of motion (Sandy 159). Massage therapy aids in this healing process. For example, massaging helps repair damaged tissues more quickly because it aids in the circulation of blood and nutrients to the affected area (Wentworth et al, 160). Massage therapy improves the circulation process of blood, oxygen and nutrients in the body…

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Vital Stream uses 100% almond and grape seed oil as the base oil with addition of 100% organic essential oils for massages.