Sports massages are great for fast recovery and they make injury prevention better. But if you have injuries that prevent you from participating in sports, you should go to a physio treatment to look into the issues closely.

However, if you are looking into going for a sports massage, note that such massages manipulate the muscles, ligaments, and tendons by using techniques that improve their efficiency. 

Types and Pros of Sports Massages

Sports massages are known to reduce and release tension in the muscles by improving the removal of lactic acid and bettering circulation. All of this reduces muscle injuries and promotes better recovery if such injuries occur.

It’s good that sports massages are done between training periods as the muscles can nicely relax before each training session. Massages also improve the mental health of an athlete.

Note that massages are good for everyone, whether you are a professional athlete or someone who likes jogging and going to the gym. You can get massages during competitions, training, preparation, recovery, and more. Each massage will vary depending on the condition of your body and the state of your injuries.

There are three main types of sports massages: 

  • The first one is the routine maintenance massage which is a regular session that happens according to a program by a physiotherapist. Such massages are based on the person’s requirements and their sport. A massage like that can concentrate on some muscle groups to maintain the range of flexibility and target any area that’s prone to injuries.
  • The second one is a massage for a specific competition. Such massages are done before and after a competition for different purposes. Pre-event massages can be used for warm-up and post-event massages can be used to speed up the recovery process of the muscles.
  • The third massage group is rehabilitation massages which can reduce the discomfort of an injury and improve healing. Such massages are good for chronic and acute injuries.

Benefits of Sports Massages

Sports massages offer tons of benefits. They offer relaxation by reducing stress hormones in the body. Massages improve circulation by increasing the blood supply and therefore allowing the nutrients to go to your muscles. Sports massages reduce blood pressure, and muscle soreness, increase lymph system activity, and release endorphins.

They also reduce the injury time and they increase the movement of the joints by stretching out the muscles. They increase the synovial fluid inside your joints to run smoothly. 

Massages improve your performance and create your best possible form.

About Vital Stream

Vital Stream is a massage therapy center, founded by Rositsa Ivanova a Bulgarian physiotherapist with more than 20 years of experience, that’s located in a beautiful Belgian park neighborhood behind a popular part of Scheveningen Beach in the Hague.

The massage center offers quality therapists, a cozy establishment, and tailored treatment to your needs.

Each room is decorated and furnished with air purifiers for the highest comfort you can experience. Pick from a variety of techniques and massages for your preferences whenever you need them.

Massages like sports massages will overcome the stress of your life and let go of any physical overload due to doing sports. 

If you feel a disbalance in your body, a good massage program is the best way to heal yourself.

Vital Stream offers consultations based on your current health state and therefore becomes the best place for you to enjoy a relaxing massage.

We invite you to Vital Stream for some rest and relaxation since it’s vital for everyone to take some time for themselves sometimes and enjoy a good massage.