More women realize that massage therapy has massive benefits in pregnancy. Years ago, massages were seen as an alternative therapy but since pregnancy causes women discomfort, they have become the best remedy.

Besides comfort, there are many health benefits to a good massage and we will go into detail about them, down below.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage Therapy 

Massages can give a great sense of comfort to pregnant women but there are even more bonuses, and they are all linked to health.

Down below, we give you some of the best benefits and why you should book your massage therapy session right away.

Lowering of stress and the swelling of joints

Massages tend to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Especially when it comes to reducing stress in prenatal care, going for a good massage can improve your immunity, vitality, and mood.

Massages also lower the swelling of the joints. Swelling is usually caused by the extra pressure on the blood vessels and low circulation. So for stimulation of the soft tissue and lowering the fluid buildup, deep tissue massages are fantastic for pregnant women.

They also have benefits for the lymph system’s ways of removing tissue waste.

Reduces cramps and nerve pain

Since many pregnant women experience cramps due to muscular tension, massage therapists can deal with all of that.

Massages also reduce nerve pains in the final stages of pregnancy. Such pain occurs because the uterus rests on the lower back and pelvic floor muscles. 

This pressure extends the tension to the lower and upper leg muscles which results in swelling.

Lowers the baby’s stress hormones and risks of premature birth

Massages lower the risk of premature birth, so the importance of prenatal massage therapy is significant.

Such therapy also lowers the baby’s stress hormones. Researches show that massages have a vital role in the health of the baby inside the womb. So, not only the mother gets all the good benefits but the little one, as well.

Improves sleep

Deep tissue massage helps to increase the serotonin and melatonin compounds in the body. When this happens, pregnant women can have a good night’s sleep which has a great effect on their body and the strains it goes through during pregnancy.

Vital Stream – Why You Should Visit Us?

Vital Stream is a massage therapy center located in a beautiful part of The Hague called Scheveningen Beach.

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The center created by Rositsa Ivanova, an experienced physiotherapist, offers their clients a cozy atmosphere with a variety of different massages and procedures.

All of them are linked to consultations that are done at the center for estimation of your current health and needs.

Massages in Vital Stream benefit both your mental and physical well-being and they make you feel special.

The facility has a friendly and fresh environment that makes you want to leave all of your worries behind and enjoy the process. 

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