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Back pain (neck and shoulders) therapy

Back pain (neck and shoulders) therapy

Back pain (neck and shoulders) therapy A huge percentage of people in their prime age spend more than 80% of their working day sitting behind a desk. As a result of this sedentary lifestyle and incorrect posture, pain in the neck, shoulders, and the whole back very often appears. An uncomfortable pillow, incorrect sleeping position, or a cold can contribute contribute to the deepening of the pain.

Back pain therapy counteracts the damage done relieves the pain. The level of pain is taken into consideration prior to the massage and and the service is tailored to the current circumstances of the patient. A lighter massage without much pressure is done on people with more severe pain, whereas a stronger and deeper one is performed on people with constant and prolonged pain.

If necessary and desired, thalassotherapy therapy can be performed.

Vital Stream - Oils

Vital Stream uses 100% almond and grape seed oil as the base oil with addition of 100% organic essential oils for massages.