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Head massage

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What does a head massage do for you?

Head massage calms and relaxes, and it can ensure a better night’s sleep. Because the head is the center of the nervous system , a head massage relaxes the entire nervous system. Massage of the temples improves vision and concentration, and also brings a state of concentrated consciousness.

The physical and mental benefits of a scalp massage:

The skull is the ideal place from which to communicate with the entire body. For example, we often hold a lot of tension on our heads and if you relax here, this is usually also felt in the rest of the body. Whether you want to relax in a pseudo-therapeutic way or you simply satisfy your craving for a moment of distraction, massaging the scalp is a simple gesture that can provide relief. It can largely have a placebo effect, but the result of this type of massage can still yield something. If only because of subject expectation.