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Detox Therapy

Detox diets are widely known for quickly cleansing the body of toxins. You can achieve a much greater effect if you combine a similar diet with detox massage therapy.

Top reasons to start sessions:
– You don’t rest much and often travel by plane
– You don’t follow a good lifestyle and diet
– You’re under a lot of stress
– You smoke, drink alcohol and many caffeinated drinks
– You spend long hours at the computer

Detox therapy will help:
– Remove toxins from your body
– Strengthen your immunity
– Energize your body
– Improve your brain activity
– Improve your sleep
– Restore the balance in your body
– Combat cellulite
– Improve the appearance of your skin
– Slow down the aging process

When we don’t drink enough water, the body starts to store water in reserve. The situation is complicated if we drink a lot of coffee, alcohol, black tea and take medicines or salty food. In such a regimen, the body dries out, undergoes stress and begins to store extra moisture. Therefore, in combination with the detoxifying massage, it is very important to correct our behavior and reduce the intake of harmful foods and drinks and increase the drinking of clean water – at least 1.5 liters per day.

Detoxifying massage therapy is a method whose main goal is to increase lymphatic circulation. A few sessions of detoxification massage therapy will be very useful for anyone who gets tired easily, sleeps poorly, suffers from insomnia and neurosis. Detox therapy removes excess fluid and toxins, removes edema, positively affects all systems in the body, and also improves the figure.

It is performed on the whole body. Special aromatic oils are used. To achieve an optimal effect, it is best to do a course of 5-10 procedures. After each session you feel lightness, a surge of cheerfulness and energy, and how smooth and soft your skin has become. Detoxification therapy can be combined with honey massage therapy.

detox massage

What is a detox massage

An intensive massage that has a detoxifying and cleansing effect on the body. This is due to the powerful and relaxing stroking movements in combination with wellness cupping. During this massage the back of your body is massaged manually and by means of cups.

CAUTION: This therapy is not performed if you: have high blood pressure; oncological diseases; pregnancy; thrombophlebitis (swelling of the veins/varicose veins)