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Therapeutic Medicinal Massage (Kinesitherapy)

Therapeutic Medicinal Massage (Kinesitherapy)

If you have a more serious health problem that is being treated by a doctor, massage can be a very beneficial and indispensable treatment method. I have the necessary training and experience and can help you with the treatment and recovery of:

Orthopedic Diseases Requiring Surgery

Degenerative diseases of the joints

Diseases of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System

In the preoperative period:

I will prepare your muscles so that when you start moving again after surgery they are properly activated and balanced and this will lead to a faster and more efficient recovery.

In the preoperative period:

With the approval of your attending physician or physiotherapist, massage can be an indispensable adjunct therapy to physiotherapy.

If you are immobilized by trauma (fractures, sprains, damaged tendons and nerves), I will take care of the weakened condition of the muscles, as well as possible contractures (limited movement of the joints). Massage can also be helpful in the case of paralysis caused by damage to the central nervous system (strokes, cerebral palsy) and peripheral nerves.

Therapeutic massage is selective and applied in controlled doses depending on the diagnosis and the individual condition of each patient.

Possible techniques include:

Isometric Exercises

Post-isometric relaxation (PiR)

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

Thalassotherapy can also be applied, but only after consultation with a doctor.

Because the duration of the therapeutic massage cannot always be predetermined, as it depends on the patient's current condition and their reaction during the massage , or the procedure ends a few minutes earlier, the remaining time is filled with a massage of another body part of your choice.

If you have the opportunity, it is especially desirable to have a therapeutic massage immediately before a visit undergone to your physiotherapist. This will lead to better results in their work with you.

CAUTION: There are a number of medical conditions where massage is contraindicated! You must consult your doctor before visiting us.