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Pregnancy Massage (Pre- and post-partum)

Pregnancy Massage (Pre- and post-partum)

Pregnancy Massage (Pre- and post-partum) A massage is the perfect way for a future mom to relax and get rid of the accumulated stress in her body. In addition to being a pleasant experience, the pre-natal massage has many additional benefits:

- Relaxes the muscles and releases tension - Lowers the heart rate and blood pressure - Increases the blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system, to get rid of toxins in the body - Increases your lung capacity, which helps in the better delivery of oxygen to your bloodstream and organs - Boosts your immune system and helps you in the battle against diseases - Reduces the built-up pressure in your joints.

Other benefits: - Decreases the chance of post-partum complications - Decreases the risk of premature birth - Reduces the pain during childbirth and helps with the subsequent faster recovery - Reduces back pain - Reduces the chances of developing post-partum depression, because it decreases the stress hormones in your blood.

Important: - Pregnancy massage is offered only to clients in their 12th week or later. Due to the intense hormonal and physical changes in the first trimester, we recommend that during that time you come for a massage of the head, face, or arms.

- Warn our therapist before your appointment, in case you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or abdominal pain. - During the massage the therapist will avoid putting pressure on certain areas of your body, to prevent unwanted/unexpected contractions - We’ll pay close attention to all areas where you feel tension or discomfort - The massage room will be specially equipped with a massage table for pregnant woman,as well as additional pillows, in order to guarantee the comfort of you and your baby. - In case you are not comfortable on this special designed bed you will have the option to have the massage on a regular bed laying on your side. - In the cases of an overdue pregnancy, a massage can help speed up the induction of the birthing process.

Post-partum massage will heal your body and will help you overcome the stress and fatigue from caring for your newborn. An abdominal massage can help reduce the size of your uterus right after giving birth. Make sure to consult with your doctor before requesting this service.


Vital Stream - Oils

Vital Stream uses 100% almond and grape seed oil as the base oil with addition of 100% organic essential oils for massages.