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Dry Therapeutic Massage

Dry massage

Dry massage is a therapy that differs from traditional massage both in massage techniques and physiological effects. The value of dry therapeutic massage is that it induces more general changes in the physiological state. It affects tissues deep in the body.

The effect is not only on the subcutaneous tissue, fascia, and muscles but also on areas deep in the body and distant from the direct poitnts of pressure.

The therapeutic effect originates from the altered blood circulation inside the deep tissues and as a result of suppressing the pain through the neurovegetative way..

It relieves muscle spasms, and increases the mobility of connective tissue and joints. Causes hyperemia (increased bloodflow to areas of the body) and strong local analgesia (strong local anesthetic effect).

Dry massage returns the state of the tissues back to normal. It has a strong restorative and activating effect.

At times, a mild to moderate painful sensation can be felt, which is a consequence of the rupture of deep connective tissue adhesions.

Dry massage is performed without applying any oils or creams. A small amount of talc can be used in areas with heavy hair growth.

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What is Dry Massage Therapy?

It is a dry massage therapy and no oil or lotion is used. Instead, it is performed using deep compression, rhythmic pressing and stretching. The pressure, tension and movement or vibration movements used during the massage improve regional blood circulation.