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Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone

Hot Stone is a non-standard therapy, the goal of which is to achieve a balance between the energy of the human body and the energy of nature. It combines the energetic impact of heated volcanic stones, manual massage, elements of reflexology, aromatherapy and relaxing music.

It stimulates the flow of positive energy and spiritual harmony. The purpose of the massage is to achieve balance on a physical, mental and energy level.

Basalt volcanic stones of different sizes and flatness are used for the therapy. They are black and smooth, with increased density, rich in iron and magnesium. The stones absorb and retain heat for a longer time - they have a high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. They are usually heated to a temperature of 120-130 degrees Celsius, and then cooled to 50-60 degrees.

After the procedure, clients feel extremely relaxed and fully energized. Despite the pronounced therapeutic properties of Hot Stone therapy, some conditions should be considered in which it is contraindicated:

- Pregnancy - Diabetes - Cardiovascular diseases - Inflamed and varicose veins - Kidney and liver failure - Osteoporosis - Migraine - Skin eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis - In case of exacerbation of chronic and acute infectious diseases - Oncological diseases - All conditions where the application of stronger heat on the body is not advisab